Property Sourcing

Finding the right deal that best suits all parties involved.

Investing in turn-key property projects and adding value for the long-term

At Dynamic Properties, we can help you achieve a minimum of 4% ROI on your money. Money in the UK bank as we know earns less than 1% interest which means it will shrink after a few years due to inflation.

Hence, it is safer to invest in bricks and mortar as UK house prices can double every 7 to 10 years. This is ideal for those busy working professionals where we can offer a full armchair service whereby we will take care of everything from sourcing the property to setting up tenants whilst you enjoy the monthly rent.

Property Investment

Sourcing turn-key investment properties and adding value.

Short-Term Funding

Providing capital in for investments.

Our Approach

We always analyse each potential property carefully; identifying areas where measurable value can be added cost-effectively. We follow the same process in our property sourcing business when identifying properties for clients.

Spotting good investments

Properties must be in good condition and pass our strict property inspection booklet. We usually accept properties that require a light refurbishment such as paint and carpets. We will always conservatively estimate the works required and calculate this into our financials.

Investment Analysis

All our properties are analysed by their investment potential. With this in mind, we only progress properties that have high cash-flow potential. Properties are generally a maximum of a 10 minute public transport journey from the nearest local town centre.

Investment Analysis

All the properties and investments we secure will be independently verified by a local letting or multi-let manager, who will be confident the property will let. Properties we package through our sourcing business will also come with a full, local management team in place. We work with contractors, mortgage brokers and legal advisors who are available upon request for fully managed investment solutions.

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